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Our story: A passion for hostels and Innovation

Tequila Sunrise Hostels began its journey in 2014 when we opened our first hostel in Guatemala City. In the early days, we encountered numerous challenges and learned from our mistakes, which ultimately shaped our approach to hostel design. We realized that a great hostel experience starts with thoughtful design, and traditional shared dorms with basic bunk beds didn't align with our vision.

Our vision

At Tequila Sunrise Hostels...

Through our extensive travels, we discovered the core elements that truly matter to travelers: a prime location, impeccable cleanliness, innovative sleeping pods, and a well-equipped kitchen. However, what truly sets us apart is our belief in embracing the adventurous spirit of our guests. We understand that they seek to make lasting memories, often alongside the friends they meet on their journeys.

Our mission

At Tequila Sunrise Hostels, 

Our primary mission is to create an environment where every guest feels like a part of our family, surrounded by warmth and camaraderie. To bring our vision to life, we've simplified various aspects of our hostels. We prefer spacious dorms featuring innovative capsule pods, which not only enhance the guest experience but also streamline our operations. This efficiency allows us to invest in socializing meals, as we've discovered that our guests relish the opportunity to share food together. As a result, we organize social breakfasts and dinners, all of which are included in the stay. Our commitment remains unwavering as we continue to build top-notch hostels with creative capsule pod designs, with plans to expand our community of guests.

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People behind our magic


Alfonso Abril


His entrepreneurship and dedication to societal betterment lead our succes


Eleni X. Manning

Surfers Paradise Manager

Eleni's passion for hospitality shines through her role  🏨🌟


Tom Carr


TSH's chief accountant. He orchestrates admin, finance, reporting, and more...


Susana Rojas

Guatemala Manager

#GuatemalaCityHostel's Administrative & Accounting Assistant, Susana, fuels growth,


Nivaneth Poma


A hospitality enthusiast with great people skills 🏨🌟 #HospitalityJourney

Our values


Gladelvis Galeano

Adelaide Manager

I am passionate in delivering exceptional guest experiences.  🏨


Luisa Torres

Sydney Manager

A power house with a Business degree and postgrad HR qualification. 

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